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These Wall Scanners and Re-bar Locator's specializes in Metal and AC- Scanning through wall panels and plaster work

BrickForce Scanner

Wall Scanner

The BrickForce Scanner permits targeted scanning for metals such as reinforcing iron, heating pipes and water pipes.

•  This scanner has One-Button operation to switch              between the different measuring modes.

•  The Operation Guide via the LCD display makes the        device easy and reliable to use.

•   Auto-Calibration: adjusts the device to different                surfaces immediately after switching on.

•   Auto-Cal Plus allows easy narrowing down of test            objects in Metal-Scan mode.

•   Audible and visual signals for locating objects.

•   Due to the permanent voltage warning high security is      guaranteed.

The position of live cables and wires can be precisely determined. 

One-button operation for changing between the different measuring modes

•  With the help of the user guide on the LCD screen      the device can be used easily, reliably and safely.

•  Auto-Calibration lets the device adapt itself                 automatically to the different surfaces immediately     after switching it on.

•  Auto-Cal Plus: allows objects to be localized easily     in Metal-Scan mode.

•  The MultiFinder Plus gives audible and visual              signals for finding objects.            

  • The permanent voltage warning guarantees high security.

Feature: In Metal-Scan mode even wires that carry no current are detected.

Complete with Illuminated display

A variety of integrated sensors make the MultiFinder Plus a universal scanning and detection tool.

Hydro-Tec Moisture Meter

Hydro-tec Moisture Meter is a convenient and compact tool used to detect how much moisture there is inside of wood and/or building materials such as plaster and concrete.


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