RT is the Supplier of the DCP to the South African Market


DCP (Dynamic Cone Penetrometer)

 The Hammer is 8 kilograms
 Fall distance is 575 mm
 and the tip/cone is 60°
  • The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer is very useful for the Testing of ‘Soil Compaction’ and Testing of the ‘Soils Strength Attributes’ determining penetrability.
  • The test is used on-site to determine the soils density. 
  • The DCP finds its application in Geo-technical Investigations to obtain information on the physical properties of soil and rock around a site. 
  • The Test is used to Measure the Resistivity of Soils and can also be used for Backfill Materials required for underground  transmission lines, such as oil and gas pipelines.
  • The ‘On site’ DCP is an In-Situ Tester to determine the CBR of the soil and acts as a yardstick for the Cell-Tower site preparation as well as for trenching and laying of Fibre-Optical cables.
  • DCP_MANUAL.pdf

(DCP-Setup comes complete with a carry bag)

The DCP is easy to use and efficient in testing the density of  soils.

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