Cube Mould

RT Supplies the Cube Mould and Cube Press that is necessary for Hardened Concrete Testing.

The Cube Mould is available in Heavy Duty Cast Iron as well as Polyurethane; with standard size of 150×150 also available in 100×100.

Cube Mould

The purpose of the test Cube Mould is to pour ‘Ready MIX’ concrete inside at the construction site and take samples of the quality of the fresh poured concrete.

It is practice making it in lots of threes. One for the Client, one for consulting engineer and lastly for the constructor. 

The blocks are dried out and then afterwards, are cured in a curing bath first for seven days and then for an additional twenty-eight days. 

It is then taken to a cube press and crushed to see the MPA or KN. All our cube moulds are made from the highest quality materials for guaranteed ruggedness and durability.

Cube Mould

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