Civil Lab Equipment

Civil Lab Equipment

RT is a Supplier of Civil Lab Equipment to the Market.

Providing the Best Products for all the Civil Needs out there.

RT is the suppliers of the DCP Tester in South Africa – Dynamic Cone Penetrometer – which is ideal for the testing of Soil Compaction and soil strength attributes of penetrability.  

     (The DCP test equipment comes as a complete set with carry bag)


Schmidt type hammer is used in testing the strength of concrete.

It assesses the rebound hardness of concrete (elasticity of concrete) and

is directly related to the compressive strength of concrete such as that of

which is obtained in a Lab test using a Concrete Compressive Cube Press.



RT supplies different Concrete Test Hammers; such as The Geo Hammer, 

Rock Hammer, different levels of Schmidt Hammers to South Africa.

Concrete Test Hammer

Geo Hammer - Rock Hammer

RT supplies the Geo Hammer that tests the rebound values that determines the value of Stones and Rocks.

Ectha Geo Hammer - Rock Hammer
Ectha Geo Hammer - Rock Hammer

The concrete slump cone set is a sort of empirical test that measures the consistency of a batch of concrete, this usually refers to how well the concrete flows as wet concrete is much more workable then drier concrete.

The Slump Cone comes complete as a set.

Slump Cone
Slump Cone

 – Concrete Testing Equipment –

RT supplies Concrete Test Cube Moulds for Concrete Testing. 

RT also supplies The Cube Press.

Cube Mould
Cube Mould

An infrared thermometer is able to measure the thermal radiation that is emitted by an object. if the amount of radiation emitted along with emissivity of the object is known, it is possible to determine the temperature of the object. Also known as Laser Thermometer or Temperature Gun, can be used for Pizza Ovens, Furnace and Rail Road Tracks.

We supply Infrared Thermometers in a varied range as follows:

IR Thermometer DT8250
IR Thermometer DT8750
IR Thermometer DT8000

  DT8250 (-50°c to 250°c)

  Accuracy: ±2% or 2°C

  Distance Spot Ratio 1:1  

     DT8750 (-50°c to 750°c)

     Accuracy: ±2% or 2°C

     Distance Spot Ratio 12:1

         DT8000 (-50°c to 1200°c)

         Accuracy: ±2% or 2°C

         Distance Spot Ratio 16:1

Weighing Instruments


RT supplies these Digital Scales for varied Applications,            including Power Line Tension weighing.

We also Supply the Wireless Digital Crane Scales

All Scales are Heavy Duty and Durable, Semi water and dust  -proof

Dynometer OCS-Y

RT is the supplier of different Testers and Meters for different functions


Leeb Hardness Tester THL210

Tool used to test hardness of varying surfaces.

Converts to all common hardness scales (HV; HB; HRC; HRB; HRA; HS)

Building Material Moisture Meter

Portable moisture measurement tool for concrete, masonry, brick. Does not damage the testing surface. Accurate measurements up to 20mm depth with working range of 0.1-65% Dependant on the surface.      

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TM 210 PLUS

Capable of performing measurements on a wide range of material, including: Metals, Plastics, Ceramics, Composites, Epoxies, Glass and other Ultrasonic wave well-conductive materials.

This compact gauge can be used for non-destructivecoatingthickness measurement of non-magnetic coatings, e.g. paint,
enamel, chrome on steel, and insulating coatings, e.g. paint andanodizing coatings on non-ferrous metals.




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