Auto Levels

Auto Levels

The Auto Levels (which was previously known as the ‘Dumpy’ Level) is a Automatic Leveling Instrument with ‘High Optical Performance’ features. These Levels is most commonly used for Site Surveying by Individuals such as Contractors, Builders as well as Land Surveying Professionals alike.

The Automatic Level is used to Transfer, Measure or Set Horizontal Levels of known objects or marks.

It operates on the principle of establishing a visual level relationship between two or more points, for which an inbuilt telescope and a highly accurate bubble level are used to achieve the necessary accuracy.

The Doyen AL32 is notorious for its ruggedness and durability

AL 24/32 Auto Levels
AL32 Auto Levels

Doyen AL32 Auto Levels

  1. Is a Automatic Level
  2. It has Superior Optics with 32X Magnification
  3. Contains a Built-in horizontal circle
  4. Complete with a Rugged Compensator

   Ideal for Builders, Construction Companies and DIY

Technical specifications:

 – It has Standard deviation of 1km double run: +- 2.0 mm

 – Powerful Magnification of: 32X

 – Telescope: Has a Erect Image

 – Shortest Focusing Distance: 0.6m

 – Stadia Multiplication Constant: 100 Value

 – Setting Accuracy: 0.5 “

 – Additive constant: 0

 – Compensating range: +- 15’

 – Circular level Sensitivity: 8’ per 2mm

 – Circle Reading: 1o

 – Net weight: 2 Kg 

RT Specializes in the Servicing of all kinds of Auto Levels – ‘Dumpy Levels’

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