Roto-Sure Standard Measuring Wheel


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Roto sure classic measuring wheelamw4

Roto-sure Professional

Includes carrying bag.

What does a Measuring wheel do?

The measuring wheel is much like the odometer, but where the odometer measures the distance that a vehicle travels the surveyors wheel measures a specialised distance; like the lay out of a construction site.

It has been in use for many years and became popular in mainstream construction use in the 17th century. It is mainly used for low key surveys, for example in road measurement tasks and by farmers who want to quickly measure a distance.

How does a measuring wheel work?

The measuring wheel is not a complex device, only a handle attached to a wheel. which has been set to specific increment. the surveyors wheel is pushed by an operator while a device that is mounted on the wheel counts every revolution the wheel makes, which in turn allows the distance to be measured.

What does the standard measuring wheel offer?

  • This Analog Measuring wheel for use on straight lines and curves.
  • This mechanical metering wheel delivers accurate measured values at all ranges up to 9.999,9 m.
  • Large, easy to read display with additional fine scale (1 – 9 cm) for precise measurement.
  • Features as trigger brake.
  • Release clip
  • Zero reset
  • Good traction
  • Rugged construction
Measuring distance 10 000m
Increments      0.1m
Wheel circumference        1m
Wheel diameter    0.32m
weight    2.36kg


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