Concrete Slump Cone Set

Concrete Slump Cone Test Set
slump cone

The concrete slump cone set is a sort of empirical test that measures the consistency of a batch of concrete, this usually refers to how well the concrete flows as wet concrete is much more workable then drier concrete. to perform the slump test you place a base plate (600mmx600mm an about 3mm thick) on a level surface, you place the slump cone on to this platform, and using the scoop you fill the slump cone with 3 layers of fresh concrete. Each layer should be tamped 25 times with a steel tamping rod (600mm with a rounded tip). After the last layer is tamped remove any excess concrete with the rod until the concrete is level with the slump cone. The cone is then lifted of the concrete slump and a measurement of the difference between the bottom of the slump cone and the top of the concrete slump is then measured to get the slump of the concrete. The slump may take one of 3 forms true slump (the concrete keeps it shape), shear slump (the slump shears of and slips sideways), and collapsed slump (the slump collapses onto itself). Only a true slump sample will be of any use in a test, in the event that a collapsed or shear slump is achieved the test should be repeated.

Each set includes the following.

  • Slump cone
  • Base plate
  • Tamping rod
  • Scoop
  • Ruler

slump cone set.pdf

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