FL 55 Multi-Liner

Multi-liner FL55 Plus     (geo-FENNEL) FL 55 Multi-Liner

What is the FL55?

The FL55 multi-liner is a multi functional, self levelling cross laser, Its rugged design makes it a ideal for the tiling, partitioning and shop fitting professionals.

What makes the FL55 multi-liner the right Line Laser for you?

It’s laser lines are highly visible thanks to the state of the art laser diode technology that it uses. the FL55 gives you 4 laser crosses that falls at 90 of each other, throws a laser cross on the ceiling and a plumb down on the floor. The fl55 also has a audible and visual alarm that is set of when ever it in danger of being knocked out of level.

What is included?

Comes standard with a FR55 Line Laser receiver that extends it range by 40 meters and makes it usable in poor lighting conditions, a floor tripod for ease of use in any room or environment in doors, magnetic target, laser intensive glasses, extra set of batteries with carrying case, charger. And all this fits in to a easily portable container.


  • 4 Laser-crosses at 90° to each other
  • Laser-cross to the ceiling
  • Adjustable plumb down beam to the floor
  • 3 visible laserlines switchable individually
  • Use with receiver FR 55 to extend the working range up to 80 m
  • Circular bubble and adjustable footscrew for exact pre-alignment
  • Solid magnetic damping
  • Adjustable 360° circle reading with slow motion drive for optimum alignment
  • Tangent screw
  • Compensator-lock for transport
  • Visible and audible alarm when out of level
  • Adjustable laser plumb for use with floor tripod
  • Use with floor tripod (supplied) or with 5/8″ builders’ tripod (optional)
  • Dust/Water protection to IP54
  • Rubberised housing


Self-levelling range

± 3.5°


± 3mm/ 10m

Working range w/o receiver


Working range with receiver


Power supply


Operating time


Dust / water protection

IP 54

Laser class




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