Doyen HT-225A

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The Doyen HT-225A Schmidt type hammer is put to use in testing the strength of concrete. It assesses the rebound hardness of concrete (elasticity of concrete) and is directly related to the compressive strength of concrete such as that which is obtained in a Lab test using a Concrete Compressive Cube Press.

  • The Doyen HT-225A Test Hammer compares favourably with the original Schmidt Hammer Type N.

The HT-225A Test Hammer also has a measuring range of 20 to 60 MPa compressive strength and can fully stand up in a technical data and quality comparison to the original Proceq Schmidt Hammer.

The rebound value which this portable testing equipment measures is related to the hardness of the concrete being tested. In referring to the conversion chart, the measured rebound value can be used to determine the compressive strength of concrete that is being tested.

The HT-225A hardness tester is widely used in the construction industry.

With this portable test equipment you can determine the quality and strength of concrete and how concrete structures will hold up under strain and pressure.






Specifications – Technical Data
Model HT-225A
Test range between 10 and 60 MPa
Nominal kinetic energy 2.207J (0.225kgf.m)
Flip tension spring rigidity 7.84N (0.80kgf) / cm
Punch advance for impact hammer 75 mm
Impact surface hardness value between impact hammer and rod HRC59-63
Maximum breakout friction of pointer system 0.49-0.78N (50-80g)
Mean-value of steel-anvil rating of concrete test hammer 80+/-2
Standards ISO/DIS 8045, EN 12504-2, ENV 206, DIN 1048 part 2, ASTM C 805, ASTM D 5873, NFP 18-417, B 15-225, JGJ/T 23-2001, JJG 817-1993
Dimension 60 x 280 mm
Net weight 1kg





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