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About us: RT Agencies is a family business which was established in 2008 by Trudie and Robbie van der Walt, and is based in Kempton Park. RT Agencies supplies material testing equipment, surveying instruments and LED robots to the mining, construction, and surveying industries. RT Agencies places a premium on customer satisfaction, value for money, and excellent service. Amongst RT Agencies valued clients are De beers, Amplats, Trencon, Stefanutti Stocks, and Group 5.

Disclaimer, all products, prices, and models are subject to change without warning.

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  • GT-116-Theodolite
DCP Auto Level Theodolite Schmidt Hammer Cube Mould


The DCP – Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

DCP Hammer

The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) as sold by RT Agencies is very useful for the testing of soil compaction and on-site soil density tests. The dynamic cone pentrometer (DCP) is an in-situ tester to determine CBR of soil; it is a yardstick for the cell-tower site preparation, for trenching and laying of fiber optical cables, road building, trench reinstatement of roads and sidewalks and testing of soil strength attributes of penetrability. The DCP test provides an indication of a material’s in-situ resistance to penetration. Including bag.

Surveying Instruments.

Auto level



RT agencies in Kempton Park are suppliers of the following surveying instruments, Electronic Theodolites like the GT117 and the DE range in both 5″ and 2″ accuracy.

AL 32 and 24 auto levels (dumpy levels) set’s, which include a tripod and 5×5 section staff.

we also have the highly accurate G2 Precision engineering level. RT Agencies also have the following accessories in stock, Measuring wheels, a wide range of tripods, 5×5 section staffs, and prisms.

Service and calibration of auto levels

RT Agencies now also offers full back up for dumpy levels by trained staff in a fully operational workshop, which include service and calibration and repairs.

We will buy and sell your used survey instruments.

RT Agencies is now in the position to buy and sell all second hand surveying equipment so please contact the office if you have any used equipment that you want to get of your hands.

Schmidt Hammer


RT Agencies are the sole supplier of the Doyen Schmidt hammer and the following Schmidt hammers the ectha SM Schmidt hammer, the ectha 1000 Schmidt hammer, the digital hammer, and the Geo-hammer rock test hammer. The Schmidt Hammer measures the rebound property of a concrete surface by firing a spring loaded metal plunger onto the surface of the tested concrete surface.RT Agencies will give you full back up on all Schmidt hammers

Civil Lab Material Testing

Cube mould corp

RT Agencies also are suppliers of various lab equipment used in the testing of concrete. like concrete test cube moulds which RT Agencies supply in both heavy and light duty forms as well as in cast iron and polyurethane forms.

RT Agencies also supply the following laboratory concrete testing equipment

California bearing ratio (CBR)
Cube press
Slump cone set’s

RT Agencies buys and sells used 2nd hand civil material lab testing equipment.Please contact the office for any enquiries or any offers.

Construction Lasers64bd5fbace

RT Agencies supplies the following lasers the FL40 line laser, the FL55 line laser, the FL70 line laser and the following high end rotating lasers the FA 240 rotating laser, the FA 260 rotating laser. And the following “DIY” laser products, handy laser compact, super square 90˚laser, laser liner super cross laser.

Distance Meters – Disto – Leica Geosystems:


The brand-new, revolutionary Leica 3D Disto (3D measuring, 360° angle measurements), leica D210. Leica Disto D810, Leica Disto D510. Standard Measuring Wheel, Digital Measuring Wheel


Traffic Lights (robots) solar-robot-top

For the construction and mining industries RT Agencies are suppliers of traffic signal lights (also known as robots in the lexicon)


LED lights

dbd1b833cbRT Agencies are the exclusive dealers of the Badger torch and the hunters cap lamp.



Meters and Scanners

RT Agencies sells a wide range of scanners and meters.



Mining Products

Kempton Park based RT Agencies supplies the mining industry with the following equipment Dust suppression, Jaw crushers, Pulverisers, IS explosive proof, headlamps.

RT Agencies Product Brochure

RT Agencies is a wholly South African owned company. Proud SA — a level 4 BBBEE company.

Disclaimer, all products, prices, and models are subject to change without warning.

All Prices Excluding VAT.

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